Pest Control in France

ALLO FRELONS Pest Control is an ALLO FRELONS department specialising in Pest Control, in France.

ALLO FRELONS proposes its Disinfection and Pest Control services, wherever you are in France or Belgium.

Our experience and desire for continuous improvement means that we hone our skills every day to meet our customers’ many requirements.

Our profession: Antiparasitic – Pest Control

Hygiene is essential to quality of life.

We decided to make it our profession!

ALLO FRELONS Pest Control include combating macro and micro pests, through the major activities of Pest Control:

  • Disinfection
  • Insect extermination
  • Rodent extermination
  • Bird scaring and population control
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ALLO FRELONS Pest Control wherever in France and Belgium

Rodent extermination and pest control in France

Mice, black rats and brown rats are the main rodents infesting our urban areas. In addition to the obvious health problems (diseases and bad smells), they are a danger to our buildings (damaging electrical systems, insulation, pipes…)

How can we prevent or treat an infestation?

Our technicians are trained in installing preventive and/or curative systems to regulate them according to your needs.

Disinfection, virus and bacterial pest control in France

Disinfection is used to combat germs responsible for serious diseases. They take the form of moulds, bacteria and viruses and are generally invisible to the naked eye.

These infestations can be generated by many parameters including heat levels, nutritional environment, quality of air or light, humidity levels.

There are many ways of combating them and these must be determined to achieve optimum effect.

Insect extermination, wherever you are in France and Belgium

The treatments we propose are used to combat infestations of flying insects (wasps, hornets, flies…) and crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, spiders, mites…).

Here is our hornet and wasp nest removal service, in France and Belgium.

There are many appropriate processes producing optimal effect.

Bird scaring and population control

ALLO FRELONS Pest Control offers bird scaring using population control using environmentally acceptable methods (anti-nesting devices, pigeon contraceptives…). Every solution is devised according to the site setting and constraints.


Our Hygiene techniques (Disinfection, Pest Control), in a typical context, are essentially based on our technicians’ accountability.

A preliminary diagnosis is made during an initial specific meeting.

When a Curative Action (isolated) is required, an operating procedure is implemented to provide the best solution to meet the customer’s requirements.

For optimal effect, this initial action precedes appropriate Preventive Treatment with regular intervention limiting the risk of future reinfestation.

Our Cleaning and Hygiene concepts relative to pest control have brought us many customers working in sensitive fields, such as medical, public works, logistics, scholls, fast food or industry.

The traceability systems, used for Pest control Hygiene operations, guarantees monitoring and fine control of our actions.

ALLO FRELONS Pest control services are covered by CERTIBIOCIDE certification.

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